Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day Two- Something You Love About Yourself

It is ridiculous how hard it is for me to answer this.  

What I love about me? hmmm.  Well, I love my legs.  They are long & thin & muscular (not in a creepy man kinda way) from years of dance. Sometimes I see men looking at them and I laugh a little-if they only knew what a Fool I've been

I love that I do really good things for ghetto kids.  I love how much I legitimately love them. Some of these kids have gone through things that are so unimaginable but they don't scare me. I think it takes a unique person to do what I do and I love that I do it. People don't get it. But I do. 

  I love that I am very thoughtful and I try to make everyone around me feel special.  Maybe it's because I never really did.

 I love my ability LOVE- when I love you-which I don't take lightly- I really love you. Even when it's  really hard and I have to work at it. I'd do anything for you-besides illegal shit, I don't do that for anyone.   

I love my sense of humor. Rose is one of the only people who things I'm funny but that doesn't matter because we can laugh about almost anything.  

I love my eyes. They are hazel most of the time.  Mostly I love them because my grandfather, who passed away, used to tell me they'd get me in trouble someday. He was right. 


  1. Awww! I love this post, it's all about love :) What an amazing vibe! Long legs *whistles*, I am not hitting on you but I'm just a huge fan of long muscular legs!

    Yeah I was thinking about how short this post is as compared to the hate one, but I think it's good in a way coz' you're practical and you do not have an air about yourself :)

    You've sent out smiles to so many people around (including me with your straight from the heart comments), that you should be proud of yourself. Not everyone has that ability. You've got more love around you than you can ever imagine!

    Have a great day

  2. Love the quote/picture at the end! That is my new motto. Now clue me in, how'd you get your long, lean muscular legs! Ha! I am on the fit train, and need me some help!

  3. That was a great answer. I like that you have confidence. Good thing for a woman to have.

  4. Love the last line about those trouble making eyes. Oh girl. We all have something that gets us into trouble. And I just have a feeling about you, that you're the type of girl that will also figure a way to get herself out. ;)


  5. I love your answer!! It is so much harder to find things you love about yourself, than it is to find things that you hate. Forget the first day and focus on this day... its so much more powerful!! Keep the good thoughts coming :D