Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's my blog & I'll cry if I want to!

~My office is what we call a "Safe Place".  It's a place for at risk youth to come in time of crisis no matter what the circumstances are.  We take them in and we do anything & everything possible to help them, whether it is just to talk or if they need immediate placement due to a dangerous situation etc. ~
Come here! I will hug you! 

     I started doing this blog because I needed to speak. I needed my own safe place.   I needed to say things out loud to people that I don't know. Maybe there is comfort in the anonymity of it all.  I needed to get things off my chest and find comfort in the words of strangers.  Some days I feel crazy & I needed to make sense of it all.  I want this to be a place where I can be myself 100% of the time.  Somewhere I don't have to hide anything.  I can say anything that comes to my mind because this is our "safe place". I am constantly being attacked.  We all are. Especially as women.  I have a very public and "high up" position that I have to defend Every.Fucking.Time. I want something done. (apparently having a vagina makes you useless & dumb regardless of your experience and education.)

I REALLY fuckin hope so...
        I think that is the beauty of this bloggy world.  You can be YOU. Do YOU. I can write about my married boyfriend or the fact that the Mayor is a cheating creep who would give me an additional budget if I showed him my tits, or that this horrible awful woman tried so hard to ruin me because SHE got fired & she and her crazy friend devoted 57 comments on a blog about me which made me revert to my bedroom for months.

So please just listen to my story, offer me advice, comment by all means, but please don't judge me.  I get that all day every day. I need you and I hope you need me. I will be a sarcastic hilarious bitch most of the time, but today I just need a safe place.



  1. I hope you can find your blog to be a safe place. It sounds like you have quite a few things that need to be vented. Feel better!


  2. Thank you so much! I heart you. & Your blog & your cat & your hilarity.

  3. No judgments here. I appreciate and love your honesty. The entire year I was planning my wedding my husband's family made my life a living hell because we chose to live together before marriage (because of course I forced him to live with me right?) and they still treat me like shit- so I feel your pain- maybe not your particular pain but I know what it feels like to be judged for just being alive. Hang in there girl. Can't promise it'll get better but at least you can call yourself a survivor

  4. sista, please! if i was judging you, i would not have clicked the follow button. and if i found out after i clicked the follow button that i needed to judge you, i would not be commenting. i would have unfollowed you.

    but i am still here :)
    To help you out in your safe place when you need it.

  5. Love this post. Hop on over to my blog because I just gave you an award!!

  6. Aww I wish I could give you a bear hug right now. Co incidentally this post happens to be very similar to the opening post on my blog too. The beauty of anonymity and venting it out to strangers is that they will only rarely judge you. And even if they do, you would not care a damn! You seem to be a wonderful woman who has her head above her shoulders and never means any harm to people, but in the process ends up falling prey to the stupid social pressure. I think me and your other followers will always give you the ear you need, and listen. I would never give any advice to you, because I see that you already know what is best for you, and people might have given you a thousand advises trying to help you out but trust me, I know the reaction that follows and it's nothing but a stupid outburst.

    Feel better, you're Awesome. I mean it.